Friday, January 27, 2012

In this blog, I write about the best Magento themes.

To make real money online, you have to have products to sell. Don't do adsense and affiliate programs that are for losers. You need to create an online store to sell some stuff under your own BRAND. That's the only way to make real bucks.

What he basically tells you is that you need to have your own brand to sell products, be them produced by yourself or by other people. Doesn't matter.

Now that you need online stores, you will want to take a look into Magento, the latest eCommerce sensation that has evolved from a in-house build-up known as Varien. After 3 months solid research (looking at reviews, downloading, testing, features, community, cost, and ease of use / development / customization, etc.), I eventually came to the conclusion that Magento is currently the best eCommerce platform. Get on to it before eCommerce websites become prevailing on the Internet just like content sites have been.

There are many Magento themes. And to be frank, there aren't many good ones. Not like WordPress that has been fully explored, Magento is still in its infantry age, AND the community ain't as sophisticated and mellow as that of WordPress which has got A LOT of talented developers and designers making astounding themes for bloggers. Magento, on the other hand, is still gaining its true momentum by gradually attracting the best developers and designers. But for now, there aren't many. Consequently, most of the themes you can find now are mediocre.

And we need great ones for our stores to succeed.

Here comes this blog. I will provide usable intel on what themes of Magento are the best ones that you should use for your store. I have my own two databases store and blog at the Magento Go Review blog. And you should see I'm pretty good at this.

Read our first review of premium Magento theme: Avalanche.

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